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Fruits of Anguilla - the 1997 Definitive Stamps

Gooseberry - Byrsonima Lucida

This tiny fruit grows in the wild, and the plant with its small, narrow leaves is especially adapted to the island's usually arid climate. The plant may range from 3-8ft in height, depending on the nature of the soil.

The Gooseberry has a tart, condiment-like taste and is known to provide a highly potent liquor when fermented.

West Indian Cherry - Malpighia Emarginata

This fruit is a popular member of the local berry family and is generallly found in the wild. The plant can endure extended periods of drought and usually bursts into bloom after heavy rains.

The fruit, which ripens a bright red, provides an excellent source of Vitamin C. The juice cherry is gathered and processed into a tasty jam or juice, traditionally used with "Johnny Cakes".

Tamarind - Tamarindus Indica

A native plant of India, the giant Tamarind trees of Anguilla are landmarks throughout the island.

The trees, which can grow to a height in excess of 75ft, mature their fruit in early spring. The fruit grows generally in clusters and are podlike in appearance. The Tamarind is ripe when the outer skin turns to a brittle shell, brownish in colour. The fruit varies in taste from extremely sour to sweet.

The Tamarind can be made into candied balls, preserves or an invigorating drink.

Pomme-surette - Zizyphus Mauritiana

The Pomme-surette is found throughout Anguilla and grows both wild and domestically. The domestic plant may grow to a height of over twenty feet.

The fruit ripens to a yellow or shade of brown and is abundant during December - February, but may be found sparsely out of season.

The flesh of the fruit has a texture similar to the apple and varies in taste and size depending on the environmental conditions. The Pomme-surette is a favorite fruit snack among children and is also made into preserves.

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The Fruit Stamps Were Definitives Released in May 1997

The General Post Office on Anguilla has released a set of sixteen new Definitive stamps bearing the theme "Fruits of Anguilla". The new stamps which replace the "Fish" Definitive issue will be on sale for a period of five years.

The artwork for the new Definitives was submitted by resident artist Michelle Lavalette, who's great artistic ability is evidenced by the graphic portrayal of Anguilla's indigenous fruits. The print work was done by the House of Questa in London.

Sets are available at EC $32.20 ($12.15 US) and First Day Covers at EC $36.20 ($13.66 US). Mail an International Postal Money Order or a Certified Bank Drafts. to Philatelic Bureau, The Post Office, The Valley, Anguilla, B.W.I. You can also phone them at (809) 497-2528 or FAX them at (809) 497-2751.

Lelia Richardson

Purchasing Stamps While Visiting Anguilla

The Philatic Bureau is located in the main post office in The Valley. The staff would be very pleased to meet and talk with visitors. A number of collectable stamp issues are available for purchase. These make excellent souvenirs and gifts.

Order Stamps on the Internet

Information and pictures of previous stamp issues are available on the Internet at web site, plus an on-line order form.

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