Fish in Anguilla

Stamps from the Anguilla

Postal Service.

Because of Anguilla's marine life and beautiful coral reefs, The Anguilla Postal Service has created this wonderful collection of Stamps depicting the natural beauty of the islands waters and fish. Many of these extravagant fishes can be viewed when snorkeling around the coral reefs of Anguilla. With an Abundance of fish you're almost never disappointed.

YELLOWTAIL SNAPPER (ocyurus chrysurus)

  • This highly esteemed food fish reaches a length of 30 inches, its yellow tail and blue body make it very unique from other types of snappers found in the Caribbean and around the world. These are found in coral reefs and also in the open sea.

    GREAT BARRACUDA (sphyraena barracuda)

  • Though guilty of some attacks on humans in poor visibility situations or when speared, the great barracuda poses a more serious threat to man when eaten than from an attack. It has probably caused more fish poisoning than any other fish. These fierce predators may grow to six feet, but are seldom more than four feet long. This species of fish are very smart, and are common around the coral reefs or anywhere there are small fish.

    ANGEL FISH (holacanthus ciliaris)

  • Could be confused with the Blue Angelfish, but is distinguished by a prominent blue, ringed, freckled spot or 'crown' on the forehead, and an all -yellow tail. It's over all color is blue to greenish-blue with distinctive yellow rimmed scales. Juveniles are dark brown through to dark green with three blue vertical stripes on the body and two stripes on the head, one either side of the eye. these fish are seen either alone or in pairs, in and around coral reefs and large isolated coral heads.

    DOCTOR FISH/BLUE TANG (acanthurus coerleus)

  • Sports a light colored sheath for its spine. Dark wavy lines run lengthwise on the body and fins. Of the Surgeonfishes, this species alone has young which differ greatly in color from the adults. These fish are also found in and around the coral reefs

    BLEAR EYE/BIGEYE (priacanthus arenatus)

  • More constant in its red color and attaining a greater length of 15 inches, the bigeye is further distinguished from the glasseye (another type of Bigeye fish) by the dusk to black margins of the lower and tail fins.

    GOAT FISH (mullus auratus)

  • This greatly admired and delightful fish got its name because of the goat like sterns that extend from its mouth. The size of these fish varies. The goat fish generally has a light grayish color, with white spots. The goat fish lives on the coral reef, and feeds on sea weed and other such substances.

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