1997 Definitive Stamps

Fruits of Anguilla - The Artist

The designer Ms Michelle Lavelette was born in France. After studies at Ecole Nationale Des Arts Decoratifs De Limoges, she specialised in trademark design for the fashion world. In 1970 she became a freelance photographer, some of the magazines in which her pictures are published are Elle, Photo, Vogue Homma and Stern Magazine. In 1984 she decided to dedicate all her time to her first passion - Painting - and came to live in Anguilla.

She has designed five issues of stamps for the Government of Anguilla. In 1991, she designed the Christmas issue, in 1992 the 500th Anniversary of Christoper Columbus' First Voyage, the Racing issue - depicting Anguilla's national sport, the 1996 Corals of Anguilla, and now our 1997 Definitives - Fruits of Anguilla.

Ms Lavalette has again proven her prowess as a gifted artist in her illustrations of sixteen of Anguilla's favorite indigenous fruits.

Ms Lavelette's excellent, artistic ability is evidenced in a grpahic express of colour and near perfect form which is certain to arrest the attention of the casual stamp collector as well as appeal to the discriminating Philatelist.

The 1997 New Definitives, "Fruits of Anguilla" is indeed an outstanding work of art.

The Postmaster and the Anguilla Philatelic Bureua wishes Ms Lavalette continued success as she endeavours to perfect her remarkable talent.

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