Sea Fan Coral of Anguilla

(1996 Stamp Issue)

With the great emphasis being placed on the conservation of the Marine Environment in recent years by many countries and international agencies, the Anguilla Philtatelic Bureau rose to the occasion and produced a set of three postage stamps for 1996 in commemoration of the Global Marine Protection and Conservation effort.

The coral reefs of Anguilla support a myriad of fish life, many of which are important food sources and a traditional contributor to the island's economy.

The species of coral chosen for this issue of stamps is of the "Gorgonian Soft Coral Family", commonly known as the "Sea Fan".

Gorgonians have a flexible skeletal structure which sways with the water currents. They are flower-like in appearance and unlike hard corals which have individual stomachs, Gorgonians share a common digestive system and any food caught by an individual feeds the entire colony.
[Gorgonia Ventalina]

Common Sea Fan

The common "Sea Fan" (Gorgonia Ventalina) depicted on the $0.80 denomination has a flat compressed surface. Colonies may grow up to 5 feet tall. The "Sea Fan" has been used traditionally by housewives as a sieve for sifting cornmeal, cassava and other grain.
[Gorgonia Flabellum]

Venus Sea Fan

The "Venus Sea Fan" (Gorgonia Flabellum) depicted on the $5.00 stamp adapts to fac the water currents and so it is able to trap a greater number of food organisms. The color varies depending on it's locality. It may grow to a maximum of 3 feet.
[Iciligorgia Schrammi]

Deep Water Gorgonia

The $0.20 stamp in this set shows the "Deep Water Gorgonia" (Iciligorgia Schrammi). It is found at levels deeper than 50 feet. Unlike it's other two relatives, the "Deep Water Gorgonia" has a more defined skeletal structure. The color may vary from red to brown.

Technical Details

[Click for full-size image of Post Office] The "Corals" issue, as well as other stamps, may be purchased at the post office in Anguilla (click the picture for a larger view) or over the Net.

Reason for Issue: To promote the conservation of the island's fragile corals.
Values: .20, .80 and 5.00Designer: Michelle Lavelette
Printer: COT Printery Ltd. of BarbadosProcess: Lithorgraphy
Stamp Size: 30.56mm X 38mmPane: 50 (2 x 25)
Paper: Harrison's and Sons Stamp paper

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