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Long Bay, Anguilla, Caribbean
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Dinner Menu

Chef Leon Carty serves dinner seven nights a week from 7:00pm. He can adjust the menu for vegetarian or other special needs -- just ask. And children are welcome.

Our house features a special:

Home Style Rock Oven Baked Whole Chicken.
A free range whole chicken stuffed with Gingered Sweet Potatoes and served with a Rosemary Ginger Sauce. Four hours advance notice required - 56.00 (serves 2-4 persons)


Traditional Anguillian Pea Soup
A combination of local peas, pumpkin, sweet potato and herbs with dumplings infused with aged salt beef - 11.00

Angullian Pumpkin Soup
A puree of local pumpkin and fresh herbs enhanced with a blend of coconut milk - 10.00

Island Fish Soup
A combination of local fish with a blend of vegetables topped with pernod, sour cream and bay leaf - 11.00

A fresh blend of tomato, celery and fresh herbs enhanced with fresh mint - 10.00

Leek and Asparagus Soup
A puree of fresh leeks and asparagus enhanced with fresh mint and grain corn - 12.00


Mixed Baby Green Salad
Mixed garden greens served with our daily house dressing - 10.00

Caesar Salad
Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with croutons and homemade Caesar dressing - 11.00 (Available as a main course with chicken or tuna)

Tomato Mozzarella Salad
Fresh homegrown tomatoes with mozzarella cheese served with a basil vinaigrette dressing - 14.00

Homemade Conch Fritters
Served with a homemade Tartar sauce - 14.00

Marinated Sting Ray
Fresh marinated sting ray saut�ed and served with a caper and tomato herb vinaigrette dressing 15.00 (when available)

Goat Cheese Salad
Warm goat cheese on a bed of baby greens - 14.00

Crayfish Salad
Saut�ed island crayfish in a light herbal butter sauce served on a bed of baby spinach served with a mango ginger sauce - 17.00

Oliver`s Lobster Cake
A blend of local lobster and herbs pan fried and served with a bay leaf lobster sauce - 15.00

Caribbean Seafood Tempura Sweet & Sour
A combination of local seafood and vegetables dipped in a beer batter, deep-fried light golden brown with a hot soy ginger sauce - 14.00/Shrimp only - 17.00

Maple Leaf Farm Duck Breast Salad
Rotisserie Duckling breast served on a bed of lettuce with raspberry vinaigrette dressing garnished with grapefruit raspberry jelly - 17.00

Cinnamon Basil Shrimp (Available as an entr�e)
Cooked to perfection and served in a cinnamon basil spice sauce with angel hair pasta - 16.00 Entr�e - 34.00

Mushroom and Shrimp
Italian Portobello mushroom marinated in balsamic and olive oil garnish with saut�ed shrimp and served with a citrus basil dressing - 16.00


Grilled Fillet of Grouper
Served with garlic herbs and olive oil lime juice balsamic sauce - 32.00

Grilled Fillet of Snapper
Served with a lemon grass and basil oil sauce - 32.00

Poached Filet of Snapper
Fresh Anguillan snapper poached over lemon grass, ginger and herbs served on a bed of eggplant, plantain with an orange lemon basil sauce - 34.00

Grilled Whole Snapper (blackened or simply grilled)
Served with fresh balsamic, olive oil and lime juice - 36.00

Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna (when available)
Served on a bed of cream cabbage with a Sauvignon Blanc Caper cream sauce - 38.00

Grilled Sword Fish
Fresh Anguilla Sword fish blackened grilled and served on a bed of pineapple salsa with a mango ginger sauce - 38.00

Fresh Wild Salmon
Fresh Pacific Wild Salmon pan eared and served a bed of leek asparagus with a caper lemon cream sauce - 38.00

Fresh Anguillian Mahi Mahi
Grilled to perfection and served in a mango tomato coulis with baby vegetables and cous cous - 34.00

Oliver`s Seafood Compote
A selection of fresh local seafood cooked in a lobster sauce, enhanced with fresh coconut milk and served with a pancake spinach polenta - 38.00

Lobster or Crayfish Creole
Fresh island harbour lobster or crayfish saut�ed lightly and served with an island creole sauce with garlic mashed potatoes - 40.00

Island Harbour Crayfish (blackened or simply grilled)
Served with a lemon butter sauce - 40.00

Fresh Caribbean Lobster (blackened or simply grilled)
Served with a lemon butter sauce - 27.00 per lb

Fresh Catch of the Day Prepared the Chefs way


Grilled Blackened Chicken Breast
Served with a mango chutney - 30.00

Stuffed Chicken and Crayfish
Stuffed chicken breast with crayfish, spinach, mushroom herbs and Monterey Jack cheese, served with a rosemary, jack cheese sauce - 36.00/ without crayfish - 32.00

Maple Leaf Farm Duck Breast
Rotisserie Duckling Breast hand rubbed with a zesty blend of citrus fruit, roasted to perfection and served with honey cognac citrus sauce - 40.00

American Certified Tenderloin
Grilled to order and served with a mustard green peppercorn sauce with bay leaf, vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes - 39.00

American Certified Sirloin
Grilled to order and served in its natural juices enhanced with ginger and teriyaki sauce with baked potato and baby vegetables - 34.00

New Zealand Rack of Lamb
Oven roasted Rack of Lamb coated with crack peppercorn and herbs served with tarragon port wine sauce with red bliss potatoes and vegetables - 42.00


Chicken Fettuccini
Spinach fettuccini cooked with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and vegetables - 29.00

Seafood Pasta
An assortment of fresh local seafood saut�ed in a spicy vodka tomato sauce and served on a bed of black linguini - 36.00 (when available)

Seafood Pasta
Fresh selection of shell seafood cooked in a white wine herb cream sauce, served with your choice of pasta - 38.00

Pasta Spaghettini
Pasta with vegetables saut�ed in olive oil and herbs - 26.00


Vegetable Plate
(Please ask your waiter)

All our main courses are served with fresh Vegetables of the day.

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Prices are in US Dollars. 15% tip added on. Credit cards accepted.


Oliver's Seaside Grill


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