Evan and Nolan

Excellent Adventure

Sailing a Sunfish on Upper Shoal Bay

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Another lift off!

Nolan was the first to try the sailboat. Griffin Webster was the skipper and 84-year old Geoff was the mate. Nolan did great.

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Evan teaches Griffin to sail. Air temperature 84 F, water temperature 80 F. Winds. 10 knots from the East.

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See sailboat go, go sailboat go...

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Advertising Fancy Feast cat food.

Uncle Bob and Auntie Mary's property is the rock behind Nolan at the end of the beach.

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Wee - out to sea!

Geoff worries about Nolan and Griffin, since neither of their mother's is present to worry.

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Hi Mom!

The pallets behind Evan are a fence to help rebuild the sand dunes on Shoal Bay.

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