Evan and Nolan

Excellent Adventure

Play in Uncle Bob's Office

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Everyone working hard learning web pages.

Can you believe that Uncle Bob just had a haircut?

Daniel on the left is working on translating web pages into Spanish and Eulanda is creating a web page for her favorite singers.

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Setting new levels of office cubicle minimum.

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Ooops - another new low level reached.

Looks like Nolan is bleeding at the mouth--perhaps it was from watching Alien Resurrection.

Can you believe that all these computers are connected to the Internet from this little Caribbean island? Evan put together 4 new computers for use in the computer club summer program, made network cables for them and connected them into a network!

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So well, if you're tired of making web pages, there's always clothes pins:

Nolan's happy clothespin chain.

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And more clothes pins:

See the happy face.

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