By Nolan

June 18th, 1998

Evan (Left) and Nolan (Right) at the Adobe Breakfast

What is Alisal?
Alisal is a "dude" ranch.

Where is Alisal?
Alisal is near horses. I don't know where it is.

Good things to do at Alisal, in order:

  1. Swim in the pool (please imagine picture here, scanner was left behind at home -- this won't happen next year)
  2. Pool tables (please imagine excellent picture with color and Nolan winning against all players)
  3. Sharing an "executive" cottage with Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt, Mom and Dad and brother (please imagine pictures.... do not ask how much this cost)
  4. Fishing on the lake. Dad and I had a contest today to see who could catch the most fish. Together we caught 30. (Imagine picture of 30 big fish, up to 3 inches long)
  5. Golf course. Kids under 4 might not like this golf course. Bring lots of balls. A lot of ditches.

Bad things at Alisal to avoid:

Advice for the dining room:

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