Anguilla Calendar of Events

N.B. These dates are subject to change annually




January 1st

New Year's Day

Public Holiday.Family reunions, beach picnics, and other social activities. This day also denotes the end of Christmas festivities.

February-2nd Week

National Cultural & Educational Festival

Anguillian culture is colorfully depicted through song,dance,games,art,food etc.

March 26th-28th

Moonsplash '99

MOONSPLASH is an annual music event showcasing talent from around the western hemisphere. Bankie Banx, the founder of the event, choose this weekend for the luminous lunar reflections seen on the sea at Rendezvous Bay, thus making the event a terrific Moonsplash!

April 2nd

Good Friday

Public Holiday.A special Church Service in which the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ is religiously remembered.

April 5th

Easter Monday

Public Holiday.On this day the churches hold annual fairs. There are also beach picnics and an annual boat race!

May 3rd

Labour Day

Public Holiday.Sporting events fill the day. The various Government Departments compete against each other in various sporting events calling this "Fun Day". Other groups hold similar sport-filled events.

May 24th

Whit Monday

Public Holiday.Beachniks and fairs are held on this religious holiday.

May-Last Week

Annual Culinary Competition

This is a two-day food festival showcasing dishes indigenous to Anguilla. The festival also includes many other competitions; Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year, National Rib Cook-off, Traditional Foods Competition and the Cable & Wireless Sport Fishing Tournament.

May 31st

*Anguilla Day*

This is a Public Holiday. This holiday pays tribute to our Revolution and the day on which it began; May 30th, 1967. A Round-the-Island Boat Race covering the waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean ocean and sea respectively around the island and back to the starting point, Sandy Ground, Road Bay. Also taking place ont his holiday are Sport Meets, Bicycle Races and Tennis Matches.

June 14th

Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday

This is a tentative Public Holiday. This day celebrates the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Ronald Webster Park is covered with the various uniformed bodies of the nation from 8:00am during an annual parade. The Governor, the Queen's local representative, salutes the various groups as the procession passes by.

July 26th - August 2nd

International Arts Festival

International artists showcase their artwork based on an Anguillian theme in various categories such as; paintings on canvas/board, watercolours, pastels.

July 30th- August 8th

Anguilla Summer Festival

Anguilla's Carnival!!!!!

August 4th

August Monday

This is a Public Holiday. The emancipation of slavery is recognized on this day. The celebrations begin at 4:00am with J'ouvert(Jump Up) in our capital , The Valley. Boat Racing, the island's main sport, continues the celebrations at Sandy Ground and also at Blowing Point. These races attract people island-wide and feature musical entertainment and barbecues. In the evening the Talented Teen Show is held in Carnival Village: The Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre in the Valley.

August 7th

August Thursday

This is a Public Holiday. Boat races lure crowds and boats locally and from our neighbouring island St. Martin/St. Maarten. The Carnival Queen Pageant is held in the evening at Landsome Bowl in the Valley(Carnival Village).

August 8th

Constitution Day

This is a Public Holiday. It honours the Constitution of Anguilla and is celebrated by the Parade of Carnival Troupes which signifies the closure of the Carnival festivities.

December - 1st Week

Tourism Week

Tourism is the most important industry in Anguilla. This week of activities was designed to acknowledge this fact through various events such as; a beach party, a boat race extravaganza, street fairs, award ceremonies, hotel tours, panel discussions, essay and poster contests, village clean up competitions. Plus a tourism gala honouring the Hotelier of the Year.

December 5th

Christmas Fair

This annual event locally known as the "Governor's Fair" is held at the governor's house and sponsored by Soroptomists International. The fair is musically entertained by the A.L.H.C.S Steel Orchestra and many games and fun-filled booths.

December 17th

Separation Day

This is a Public Holiday. This day celebrates the political separation of Anguilla from the islands of St. Kitts-Nevis.

December 27th

Christmas Day

This is a Public Holiday. This is a day for family and church worshipping. Parties are also held on this day; predominantly in the evening. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

December 28th

Boxing Day

This is a Public Holiday full of family gatherings and parties.

December 31st

New Year's Eve

Entertaining events; family parties etc. celebrate the arrival of a new year. Church services are well attended to ring in the new year with midnight-to-morning worship.

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