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Anguilla Library Computer Club

Standard Club Directory Structure

Every computer should be configured with the following standard items, if possible.

Software Tools

Most of our computers donated to the club are old, but serviceable. We only have one Pentium with sound card and CD-ROM, so we use a lot of shareware DOS programs that will run on as many of our club computers as possible, even the oldest 8086, even monochrome laptops!

Program Installation Tips

Complete DOS Lesson #2 about ZIP Files first.

Running DOS Games Under Windows

Most DOS games that use VGA graphics or sound will not run if Windows 3.1 is active.

However, many will run under Windows 95. Install them normally. Then use the Windows Explorer to create a New Shortcut to the .EXE file in your c:\windows\Start Menu\Programs\ directory. Now click the Right mouse button on the shortcut and select Properties. In the Program attributes, select Run Maximized and Close on Exit. For Fun-2-3 we had to go into the Advanced program attributes and disable Suggest MS-DOS mode as required; the authors at Devasoft suggest setting Prevent MS-DOS program from detecting Windows. Now go to the Screen attributes tab and select Full Window.

We haven't tried Windows NT yet, since the club doesn't have a WinNT system.

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