Anguilla Library Computer Class

Computer Hardware Training

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Level 1

Instructor: Griffin Webster (

12 hours of instruction over 6 evenings


Each student receives:


The History of Computers

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Charles Babbage - The Father of the Computer
UNIVAC - vaccum tube computer
The Home PC
The Ultimate Computer

The basic building blocks of computers

Central Processing Unit, CPU
Arithmetic/Logic Unit, ALU
Random Access Memory, RAM
Read Only Memory, ROM
Input/Output Devices
Mass Storage
Data and Address Bus
The architecture of a Personal Computer ISA Bus
MCA (for what it's worth)
SCSI bus and Macs

BIOS - What is it?

Basic Input Output System - The boot-strap loader.
Loads the Operating System from Disk
Load all the configuration information about peripherials
Reads the Date and Time from the Real-Time Clock

CMOS - A drink or a computer term?

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Complimentary Metal Oxcide Silicon
Basic Memory Cell
Simple but Slow
CMOS Battery
Keeps the memory from being erased
3.5V - 5V

CMOS settings

Date and Time
Peripherial Device Settings
Hard Drive Settings

Floppy Disk Settings
Memory Size
Interrupts, etc

Drives and their settings

IDE and EIDE Drive Settings
No. Heads
No. Cylinders
No. Sectors
Landing Zone
Drive Size
SCSI Drive Settings
SCSI I, II, Wide, Ultra Wide Ports

Memory Types

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30 pin SIMMs
72 pin SIMMs
Other Memory Modules

COM Ports

Communication Port Settings
Port No. Com1, Com2?
Port IRQ
Data Bits, Stop Bits, Parity
Parallel Port
Printer Port Settings
Port No. Lpt1, Lpt2?
Port Direction, Uni, Bi


Video Graphics Adaptor, VGA
Super VGA
Video RAM


Compact Disk Read Only Memory
Drive Settings
Installing CDROM Drivers


Multimedia Cards
IRQ Settings

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Modulator Demodulator
Com Ports and IRQ Settings
Win Modems
Voice Modems

Troubleshooting, Part 1

PC Error Codes - What is a 101 error?
Beep Codes - What does two beeps at startup mean?
I/O settings
Memory mismatch
CMOS batteries

Troubleshooting, Part 2

Autodetecting harddisk settings
Manual entry of harddisk settings
Installing CDROM drivers
Formating Harddrives
Windows 95 safe mode explained

When all else fails ----

Reformat the Hard Drive
Reinstall Windows

Initial Class: 6 Evenings Oct 19-28, 1999

Tuition: $150 US

Attendees at First Class

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Danny Laud
Delroy Lake
Bob Green
Leroy Hill
Johanne Webster
Wilma Vanterpool
Kerry Davis
Al Boston
Shayne Thompson
Fabrice Stevens
Ken Smith
Nigiel Hall

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