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Boot Camp 98

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A Summer Program for Children and Adults

Boot Camp ran from July 6th to August 27th, 1998 and was a great success. The instructor was Gaetano Di Palo, also known as "Nino" (pictured above), with administration and support from the very capable Marsha Duncan of Mount Fortune, Anguilla (picture). The club had about 20 working computers, including a network of 4 new PCs with a scanner, Internet access, and a LaserJet printer, all loaned by Bob Green of Beachtech. Plus, the club was air conditioned, due to a very generous donation and complementary fund raising by the club.

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You can read about the start of Boot Camp 98 in this news article.

The Children's Session was from 9am to Noon and the Adults were from 5pm until 7pm.

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Boot Camp Topics

Boot Camp 98 did not assume any prior experience with computers, but the subjects covered in the sessions were impressive.
Children: Win 95, Drawing, Typing, Anatomy...

Adults: Win95, Word, Excel, ...


Everyone who completed Boot Camp 98 received a Certificate of Accomplishment in a short graduation ceremony. Children also received gifts of mousepads, computer screwdrivers and pens, etc. And the best "student" (actually a family of 3 children) received a nice 386 system as a prize!

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Nino Had a Great Experience

Nino (aka Gaatano Di Palo) was here in Anguilla for over 2 months. He got to drive a truck for the first time, stayed at resorts, private homes, even a private guest house, and a villa on the beach. He walked and hitchhiked, or borrowed a car. He did a great job teaching the classes and still spent a great deal of time at the beach. Through the computer club, Nino met many Anguillians.

Read about the end of boot camp and Nino's experience in this news article.

The Club would like to thank all the sponsors: