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Hi my name is Lourance Stevens. I am 17 years old. I am originally from Guadeloupe, but I live on the island of Anguilla with my Mom and Dad and my two brothers and my sister. I speak three languages: English/Anguillian, French and Guadeloupe/Patois, so please forgive any lapses in my English.

I've been living in Anguilla for 12 years. I attended the Primary and Secondary school here. In secondary school I begin to get sick; it started after lunch one day, all of a sudden.

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Lourance Stevens 1 1/2 years

I was getting ready to go to my home room when suddenly I began coughing. I thought to myself that its probably the cold I am getting. I had some water in my bag which I normally travel with, so I drank some of the water. But I was still coughing, so I give it some time, but it didn't stop.

My home room teacher asked me "what's wrong". I told her I don't know. She asked what did I eat for lunch. I told her and she asked me is there anything that I am allergic to. I said yes, "I am allergic to dust."

So she took me to the staff room and then in the Deputy Principal's room and then the Deputy Principal asked is there anyone at home that she can call. I told her my mom was at home, so she called my mom.

The Deputy Principal was expecting me to stop coughing by the time my mom reached to the school, but I did not! The Principal decided to call the ambulance; that was my first time traveling in an ambulance. While waiting on the ambulance to come, I collapsed. And that is all I remember!

Epilepsy a current disorder of the nervous system characterized by seizures of excessive brain activity which cause mental and physical dysfunction, as convulsion, unconsciousness.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which nerve signals "Fire" abnormally and cause convulsive seizures or alternating muscle contraction and relaxation. Scar tissue in the brain can provoke some seizures. In many cases, however, doctors cannot pinpoint the reasons for an epileptic attack.

Some might have a seizure once and never again. If someone has more than one seizure, those that follow are officially called an "epileptic attack".

Doctors generally recognize several types of epilepsy, including Grad mal, Petit mal, Infantile spasm.

A Grad mal attack is usually marked by rigidly contracted muscles, loss of consciousness, and collapse. The attack may last from two to five minutes, followed by deep sleep.

A petit mal attack usually comes as a lapse of awareness for less than a minute. The victim then resumes whatever activity he/she was engaged in before. The attack without realizing anything out of the ordinary took place.

Infantile spasm during which sharp muscle contraction force the body to jack knife for a few seconds, Anticonvulsive drugs are used to treat and prevent all such attacks. Epilepsy disease of the nervous system, frequently form subtle brain damage, less often with loss of unconsciousness and severe convulsions (Grad mal) or in mild form by brief black outs and fainting spells (Petit mal)

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that can cause convulsions in which the epileptic experience a total temporary loss of motor coordination. Medical advance have made it possible to control epileptic seizures through the use of drugs, so that most epileptics can lead normal and productive lives.

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Lourance Stevens aged 7 months

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