Exploring Scrub Island

Anguilla, Caribbean

Striking Out From the Beach


The beach is backed by thick seagrapes and other vegetation, so you need to strike out at either end. We landed near the southern edge of the beach. There are small hills to the south and the north with a large low area in between. We left the the beach at the southern end where there is a clearing and a "road" into the interior.

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The first thing we come to is some ruined stone walls and the walking is pretty easy. To the right we see a rolling hill with many goats. The vegetation has been eaten down by the goats, but is green and resembles Scotland.

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Soon we have crossed this section of Scrub Island and approach another beach, Souse Bay. Souse Bay is much more exposed, facing directly out to the Atlantic waves. It doesn't have the thick, impenetrable foilage behind it because the salt spray keeps the plants down. The waves are wilder and there is debris from the entire ocean accumulated on the sand.

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As we approach the beach, we see in the distance what appears to be an airplane. It is inland to our left, to the north.

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We walk down the beach and at the eastern end we find an easy path into the interior. Shall we turn back now, or investigate further?

The plane crash...Go!