Once upon a time there was a little girl named Samantha. She lived�..

My Favourite Christmas

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Samantha. She lived on a tiny island in the Caribbean with her mother and father and sister.. One Christmas her mummy and daddy told her the whole family was going away to Trinidad for the holiday season. She was so excited that she didn't sleep the day they were going. Eventually she fell asleep briefly in the airport , but of course awoke in the plane. She played the whole way to Trinidad and couldn't help but laugh and run once she had landed at Piarco Airport.

She met her Grandpa and Grandma and Auntie Monique all the same night, In fact she through her Auntie off the bed that very same night. Sam was in good spirits even though she had a slight cold.. The next day she met Great Grandma and Auntie Hasina and of course Auntie Lorraine. She couldn't believe all the cars she saw, and was mesmerised by them on her way to Port-of-Spain. That day she spent the morning in the mall and had a good time.

For the rest of her stay she visited friends and family, and found more and more people to play with. She spent a whole day with Grandma ad Grandpa. She missed going to Pizza Hut to play on the slides but that was okay because her sister Gabi had more than enough fun for both of them.

On her final day, she had her portrait taken, or at least as much of it that could be had with her running about and headed to Arima for her final night in Trinidad. T was a big one since it was Grandpa's birthday.. She sang heartily at the family mass and helped Grandpa cut his birthday cake..

It was certainly a fun time, and Samantha left Trinidad the next morning tired but very happy. She hoped that there would be many more exciting holidays like that. She thought to herself, this was certainly my favourite Christmas, never mind it's only my second one�..