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27 February, 2000

CAMP BE AWARE'S first Environmental Summer Camp last summer was a great success. The Camp's ideas have continued in the minds and actions of the school campers. All of the Primary Schools have started a BE AWARE Environmental Club in their schools. The Clubs were started by the 6 Campers from each school and many other members from their school and community have enrolled in their respective clubs.

The Teachers / Counselors of the Camp / Clubs have all ready begun planning for this summer's second annual CAMP BE AWARE. We have been meeting once and, lately, twice a month since the CAMP ended last August. Some changes will be made in this year's Camp, including the selection process of the 42 children and some of the environmental excursions. Since Anguilla is surrounded by water and the children interact with the sea on an everyday basis, we will also be adding swimming and life saving lessons to the daily activities.

CAMP BE AWARE would not be possible unless we had some major assistance from various community businesses. Joining us again for the second year will be Barclays Bank PLC, All Island Cable Television, The Education Department of Anguilla, and Nipissing University of Canada. All of these sponsors were extremely generous and raised the donations this year to help cover the cost of the swimming lessons.

In addition, there are three new kids on the block. First, the newest hotel on the island, CuisinArt Resort and Spa, became a first time sponsor. Mr. Winkle, the Spa's General Manager, offered his assistance without hesitation. This donation is extra special since the resort had to spend extra money to get the hotel ready for this season after Hurricane Lenny and was still willing to help a community project.

Cable and Wireless jumped at the chance to provide CAMP BE AWARE with a donation. Sutcliffe Hodge, General Manager, didn't hesitate in saying yes. Cable and Wireless has always been interested in Anguilla's children. When Mr. Hodge heard that the CAMP was an environmental camp he was even more excited because maintaining and upgrading Anguilla's environment is an ongoing priority for C&W.

American Eagle's donation is probably the most innovative, most fun and will involve the community the most. American Eagle's General Manager, Millie Hodge suggested that they donate two round trip tickets from Anguilla to San Juan and that CAMP BE AWARE should hold a raffle. We took her up on this kind offer and tickets are being printed as THIS ARTICLE IS BEING WRITTEN. Anguilla Printers, located in Stoney Ground, was kind enough to donate the printing of the tickets.

TICKETS WILL BE SOLD FOR $5.00 US BEGINNING 10 MARCH UNTIL THE RAFFLE IS HELD THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP, 10 JULY, 2000, AT THE OPENING CEREMONY. If anyone is interested in buying raffle tickets please contact me, Teacher Art in the following ways: tel./fax 264 - 497 - 2369, E-mail [email protected] or by post PO Box 959.

This year the Campers were chosen from the BE AWARE environmental Clubs at the 7 Primary Schools. All children from grades 3, 4, and 5 were eligible if they joined their respective club in the first term and were active, dues - paying members of the club. The 42 children have been chosen.

We will also be having a parents meeting prior to the Camp so parents are more aware of what their children will be doing. Last year we did not have this meeting because every thing was so new. This year we know more of what to expect and can share our thoughts with the parents.

Another addition to the CAMP will be swimming lessons given by Teacher Linda Gratton. Linda is a licensed by the National Life Guard Service(Canadian), YMCA and the Red Cross to teach swimming, life saving and CPR. She is also a teacher at Teacher Gloria Omolulu Institute.

Although the CAMP will again use Anguilla's natural environment as its basic backdrop, the main headquarters for the CAMP will be changed from Stoney Ground School to the Egel's Nest, home of Marian and Art Egel, The children will be taking their swimming lessons in their pool.

Campers and Counselors can't wait to begin CAMP BE AWARE, 2000. If anyone would like more information or to by raffle tickets please refer to the above phone numbers above. Also, you may check the website for information about the BE AWARE Environmental Club's.

Remember, "Environment is FUNdamental".

Teacher Art
Camp BE AWARE CLUB Coordinator

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Caving at Katouche


During the summer of 1999 there was a 2 week Primary School Environmental Camp in Anguilla called CAMP BE AWARE.

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Lloyd Gumbs Cap Juluca - Endangered plants garden

The Day Camp was held from 12-23 July, 1999. A total of 42 children were involved in the Camp with one teacher from each school acting as a Camp Counselor.

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Horse Back Riding "Blues"

We saw Anguilla's environment as we never saw it before. We went spelunking, glass bottom boat sightseeing, horseback riding through the Bush, as well as, taking trips to the Agriculture Dept, the Salt Ponds, the water wells, Green Cuisine lettuce plant, Cap Juluca's nature trail and the Rocky Hill Pig and Poultry Farms.

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Sketching at Sandy Ground

All participants had a blast. From the outset the children knew that the six Campers from each of Anguilla's Primary Schools would have to go back to their schools and begin an environmental club by 1 October, 1999.

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Water Experiment Environmental Health Department

West End School was the first to start their BE AWARE Environmental Club the first day of school. Out of 76 children they have close to 40 members. Since then the other schools have pledged to have their Clubs organized by 1 October.

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Presentation of best camper trophies

West End has cleaned up their School grounds and have kept them clean. They have also sent 6 huge garbage bags of glass to the Environmental Health Dept. for their Pilot Project for Recycling Glass.

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Salt Pond at Sandy Ground

Every Club will elect a group of officers. The officers will be chosen from the children who were enrolled in CAMP BE AWARE. Each Club will meet one day every week. Other children, community persons, businesses, parents, and visitors are welcome to join our Clubs.

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Plant growing

The dues are EC$1.00, once a month. If you are not able to attend any of the Club meetings and you would like more information you can E MAIL the BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB at [email protected]. Eventually, a newsletter will be printed with information about all of the Clubs.

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Visiting Anglec

The dues will go toward the purchase of gloves for picking up debris, garbage bags, copy paper to use for their newsletters when they get started, and for field trips so all of the children of Anguilla will become Environmentalists. When these young children grow to be Anguilla's future Anguilla will be clean and environmentally sound.

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Preparing to visit a coral reef on a glass bottom boat

The Environmental Health Department has already pledged garbage bins to all of the Clubs for glass recycling. They are also interested in assisting with Club activities. All of the Clubs' members hope that more people follow their example and JOIN UP!

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Campers with medals-signifying succesful completion of camp

From the The Anguillian Newspaper
23 February, 2000

Primary School BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS Make Big Splash at Forest Bay Beach

All seven BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS joined together for a fun outing at Forest Bay Beach. We had 150 Club members, 6 advisors and 20 parents who enjoyed the sea, the sand, the refreshments and the camaraderie of fellow environmentalists.

The get - together was planned for three main reasons. We wanted to show members how beautiful Anguilla's beaches truly are and how unattractive they can become if not cared for properly. Forest Bay was a perfect example of both types. In some areas there were picnic leftovers, debris from boats, and glass bottles. In other areas the beach was sandy and inviting. We, of course, did our share by cleaning some of the area.

The second reason was to reward all of the Club members for becoming active, dues - paying members, for maintaining the premises of their respective schools and for assisting the Environmental Health Unit (EHU) in collecting glass bottles for their recycling programme.

Lastly, we wanted to make sure that the FUN in our motto " Environment is FUNdamental" was not just lip service. And we all had fun. From 11:00 A. M. to 3: 00 P. M. children swam, ate, met and talked with new friends. Every school was represented. Everyone went home with a smile.

Four community-minded businesses in Anguilla made it possible for all of us to quench our thirst after beaching all day. Straw Hat of the Forest, Mango's of Barnes Bay, Blanchard's of Long bay and Trattoria Tramanto of Shoal Bay West were generous donators to our picnic. Please, try to patronize their restaurants or at least tell them thanks for assisting the youth of Anguilla. Again, we all say thanks.

BE AWARE Club members will have a fun get - together every term. Persons who qualify to attend these activities are those who have paid monthly dues, attend a majority of Club meetings at their respective schools and are active members in their Club's environmental activities.

Dues are $ 1.00 EC per month. All school children are able to join. Parents and community members who would like to become members but do not have time to attend meetings are also welcome to join. However, the children would love to see other members of the community at their meetings, once in awhile. Contact your local BE AWARE CLUB to find out their meeting dates and times.

Other BE AWARE news that the general public should be aware of is that the EHU has made 3 bins available to each school for collecting glass bottles. One was painted green, one brown and one white (clear). Each colour represents the type of glass bottle that is to be placed in it. The bins were donated by ANGLEC and were presented to the BE AWARE CLUBS, in a short ceremony, a month ago.

Thanks to all members for taking time to KEEP ANGUILLA CLEAN. These young people are Anguilla's future and if, in their youth, they learn to interact in a positive manner with their environment, then in their more mature years, Anguilla will remain a wonderful and majestic place in which to live and to visit.

Teacher Art
West End BE AWARE CLUB Advisor


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Camp Beaware: Environment is FUNdamental


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Collecting glass at land fill site

Please send all dues to BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS, P. O. BOX 959, Anguilla, BWI. You may send checks if it is more convenient. Make checks out to BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS. The money will be shared equally among the 7 BE AWARE CLUBS, unless you specify that you have a special CLUB that you would like to see receive your dues.

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Lunch Time

The following is a list of BE AWARE ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS.

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Hiking to Katouche Bay and the coves

Thank you for your cooperation,

Teacher Art (email: [email protected])

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Doing crafts

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