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Introducing the joy of tennis to the children (and adults) of Anguilla and promoting regional integration through the sport of tennis. Read more on our mission and philosophy

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What Do the Children Say?

"I would like to be a tennis player because it improves my concentration, because I would like to travel the world and because it is fun. I would like to improve my serve. My favorite tennis player is Pete Sampras."

To read more of the children's thoughts: Click Here.

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Tennis in Anguilla

Anguilla Tennis Academy

Summer Camp 2001

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Children Tell Why They Like Tennis

At the end of this year's summer camp, Mitch Lake asked the children to write what they thought about tennis.

My name is Denny Derrick I am thirteen.
My favorite player is Venus Williams.
I want to be a tennis player.
I want to practise my serving more and my backhand.
Tennis is a good sport to me because it could give me a college ship and I don't have to pay any money. Some day I will love to play some country to be the top player.

My parent's Name is: Julio Derrick or Miledy Derrick

Keithray Proctor
Stoney Ground

Tennis is one of the sports I enjoy playing. It helps me physically and also mentally as you have to concentrate alot. Because I love travelling I hope to develop into a good tennis player, as tennis being an international sport can enable me to do much travelling if successful. Another area where I can benefit from tennis is getting a scholarship. So as you can see there is a lot I am willing to achieve in tennis.

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Aedan Scipio. I am 10 years old

I would like to play tennis because I would earn a scholarship and I wont have to pay to go to college. I woud be able to travel around the world and see different places. My favorite tennis player is andre agassi. I like him because of the way he does his back hands.


The reason why I want to be a tennis player is so I can get a scholarship and go to different places.

My favorite tennis player is Pete Sampras. The stroke that I need to practise is my fore hand approach shot.

Denirl Ruan


I like playing tennis because it gives me a chance to travel the world to play in tournaments and win more trophies, and meet other tennis trainers.

I play other sports like football and karate but my favorite sport is basketball. My favorite male tennis player is Andre Agassi and my favorite female players are Serena and Venus Williams.

For the past six years I have been to several tennis camps in many countries, St. Kitts, England, Barbados, and many others. I have big plans for my future, to make it as a basketball player or a rapper, and I am guiding my sister on her game. She has been playing for four years. If we make it as tennis pros we will play as doubles.

I would like to be a tennis player because it improves my concentration, because I would like to travel the world and because it is fun.

I would like to improve my serve.

My favorite tennis player is Pete Sampras.



1. What I like about tennis is that it's a sport that can get you very far in life it can even give you a scholarship.

2. What I would like to work on? I would like to work on my top spin and the over hands.

3. What does tennis reward you for being a good player? I would say discipline and courage. It also can let you meet other famous players, and it can also let you travel abroad.

My name is Jamida Webster. I live at Island Harbour.

Tennis help me to focus and too make contrack with the ball.

Tennis can help me to get in knowledge to be a tennis player, to travel around the world, see tennis players and lots more.

I will like to provide more on my backhand and to hit the ball hard and keep it in the line.


I love to play tennis because it is a fun and very important game because it can help me to get a scholarship. It also help's me to stay fit, to help me focus and to use my feet better.

Michael Peterson
Crocus Hill

Calyde Hughes
South Hill I like tennis because it can make you reach far in life and the most important thing is that it can make you a better tennis player and it can make you very rich.


Wednesday 25th July 2001

I want to be a tennis player to travel around the world meeting different tennis players and learning different techniques in tennis. And in tennis I would have a better chance to get a scholarship to get a good college to learn more about tennis. My favorite tennis player is Venus Williams.

Written by:
Shelissa Williams
Stoney Ground