Exploring Scrub Island

Anguilla, Caribbean

The Airplane Crash, and the Abandoned Airstrip


Just inland of the Souse Bay about 100 yards to the north is an airplane crash, and an abandoned airstrip that is longer than the airport in Anguilla.

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This is the shell of a small plane, located just past the end of the airstrip, which looks too wide and too long to miss.

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The engines and all useful parts are long gone.

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The airstrip extends eastward over the horizon. It is covered in grazing goats and has been rendered unusable by short rock walls every 100 yards.

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The airstrip is long and wide, paved in gravel. After a long walk through the hot sun we finally reach the end, and spy a circular bay and rocky headland just ahead. Are you getting tired? Do you want to turn back or go on?

Mysterious Bay...Go!