For those of us who are away and need our virtual trip to Anguilla any time, some of the stations there are now audio streaming! Get the great music and learn up to date Anguilla news today! Radio Anguilla, HeartBeat Radio, and Kool FM all are streaming with Windows Media. Webcasters are indicated in the 'Freq.' column with &web. Follow the links below. The Anguillian stations have a decidedly Caribbean flavor.

A couple of other stations in the region on St. Maartin, St. Barths are streaming too. Here’s a short reference table, with stations arranged in order of distance from Anguilla. The listing is limited to reasonably strong, signals reaching Anguilla and nearby waters. Since change is inevitable, some of the information on this and those sites may already be outdated.

Roger Q. Fenn,
November 2003

Tuning in on Anguilla - Radio Stations

Location Freq. Call Format   Weather News Features website email Phone
Anguilla 95.5 &web Radio Anguilla Full Service E 7:45a.m. 7-8 a.m. Community   264-497-2218
Anguilla 99.3 N.B.R. Christian E various Morn. New Beginnings Radio      
Anguilla 103.3 &web Kool FM Jump up E None None Mariners’ wx   264-264-497-0103
Anguilla 105.1 Island Radio N.E. Carib. E varies varies Caribbean music 011-599-557-9499
Anguilla 107.5 &web Heartbeat Radio Contemp. Carib. E Some Some Local live   264-497-3354
Anguilla 1610/101.1 Caribbean Beacon Christian M E Some Some Local live   264-497-4340
Anguilla 690 Caribbean Beacon Christian M E Some Some Local live     264-497-4340
St Barth 100.7 and 98.7 &web “Radio St.Barth” Variety Mus F Hourly Hourly Carib.Music    
St.Barth 88.5 R.F.O. Full Service F   Hourly        
Marigot 88.9 R.F.O. Full Service F   Hourly        
Marigot 91.2 No name avail. Full Service F            
Marigot 92.5 Maranatha Radio Contemp Ch E            
Marigot 102.1 &web “Radio Calypso” Adult Cont. F     Local Music    
Marigot 106.1 &web “Radio Transat” Hot Cont. F     Local Music    
Philipsb 91.9 &web Island 92 Adult Rock, Blues E varies varies Mariners’ wx 011-599-557-9499
Philipsb 94.7 “Mix 94.7” & web C.H.R. E   011-599-542-5773
Philipsb 96.3 “The Oasis” Soft Contem E Occ   sponsors 011-599-543-7963
Philipsb 101.1 “Laser 101” C.H.R. E 011-599-543-7963
Philipsb 101.5 Radio 101.5FM Variety E            
Philipsb 102.7 PJD-3 Full Service E Hourly Hourly Community      
Philipsb 105.5 “S.B.N.” News-Talk E 011-599-543-7963
Philipsb 1300 PJD-2 Full Service E Hourly Hourly Community      
Saba 93.9 PJF-2 A.Contemp E            
St.Kitts 550 &web ZIZ Full Service E Hourly Hourly Community    
Antigua 620 &web ABS Full Service E Often   Community    
Tortola 780 ZBVI Full Service E Often ½ Hrs. Community    
Nevis 820 Radio Paradise TBN E     Christian    
Nevis 895 &web VON Full Service E Often Often Comm.Cml.    
St.Thomas 1000 &web WVWI Full Service E Hourly Hourly Local    
SanJuan 1030 WOSO News Talk E Hourly Hourly Local