Adults in Summer Computer Camp 99

Students and instructors

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Summer Boot Camp was not just for children. The club also ran a program for teens and adults. For the month of July, Professer Gaetano Di Palo taught them MS Word, Excel and other basic computer skills.

Then in August, web site Instructor Randy Hannan (first picture below) from Michigan visited Anguilla for the month at the invitation of the Government training establishment and took part in the club's summer boot camp.

Randy took over a group of young people and adults and taught them to create web pages. To review nine of the student web pages, click here.

You can email Randy at

The PC Beginners Class. The Ministry of Women's Affairs, the Anguilla Beautification Club and the Computer Club joined with Professer Gaetano Di Palo to offer an introduction to computers, August 10-26, 1999. The organizers were Iris Lewis, Lana Ho-Young and Bob Green. There were two 90-minute sessions per evening with a total of 18 women participating. Each student received a textbook, Grown-Ups Guide to Computing, written in non-technical language.


Professor Gaetano DiPalo a receiving
gift at the end of the summer from the
women who completed his "PC Beginners Course".

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